Nilasing na Hipon

Crispy drunken shrimp served with a spicy native vinegar dip

Camaron Rebosado

Filipino style prawn tempura served with sweet chili sauce or a spicy native vinegar dip

Lumpiang Gulay at Titos!

Spaghetti Aligue at Titos:

Noodles satueed in rich crab fat, olive oil and garlic. Served with grilled prawns

Lumpiang Shanghai at Titos

Boracay Native Salad at Titos

Lechon Kawali at Titos

Fried pork belly served with pickled papayas

Ensaldang Bagnet at Titos:

Crispy thin slices of pork belly set in fresh greens, served with a lemon lime bagoong dressing

Turon a la Mode at Titos!

Sweet fried banana rolls topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup

Sinigang na Sugpo at Titos